Monday, September 5, 2011

With Extreme Sincerity

First off I would like to give an extreme thank you to those following my work, blog, etc.. The amount of support from those involved has not been taken lightly, whether it being a pat on the back "nice job" or someone purchasing a print or original, it means so much. Thank you!

Over the past few weeks, since the last blog entry, I've been on the move with my artwork preparing pieces  for upcoming shows, finishing up essays and proposals for various organizations that have a healthy hand within the arts, and working to promote myself through printed material and the like. This type of routine isn't all that new to me, although I feel like I'm pulling doubles nowadays, but I've been polishing this routine for a few years now and have not once had the urge to give up. Of course there have been times when I've questioned whether my willingness to succeed is on par with those that have managed to work their way into the art world circle, but I have never given up. Because of this positive mindset, my hard work and persistence has finally begun to pay off for me, my work, and outlook on art and am humbled by each experience, past to present. As things progress over the coming years, I hope that you too will be there with me to share the successes of my artistic vision and to reinforce those ideals when they are in question. Thank you once again for everything thus far.

With extreme sincerity,


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